At a young age Steve learned so much more than just knowing what he wanted to do as he grew up watching his father, Irv.  Irv showed him working hard and earning people's trust through hard work, determination and customer service by providing quality products customers deserved. All with a smile and that old world pride - where creating something by hand meant so much more than just the finished product.


For us, it is not just about having a job or business to live for, or a product to make, but to build and instill something that means so much more. It’s about life lessons, passion, tradition, generations to come, family (immediate, employees, customers & you) and the final smile comes with the last bite. We also believe that the individuals that work with us to create and provide such great products and services are not just employees, but family.  

This industry has been a family tradition for generations. Irv, has been in this industry for decades - from owning grocery stores to custom processing.  Grandpa Irv and Steve purchased Arcadia Meats in 1976. In that same year he met Linda. They married in 1977 and were blessed with 5 wonderful (but ornery) boys.  In 1980, Irv and Steve sold the business to pursue different ventures in the food industry. However, in 1985 the processing business pulled Steve, and this time Linda, back to Arcadia, where they repurchased Arcadia Meats and have owned the facility since.  Grandpa Irv worked off and on with Steve creating many products 'til the day he passed in 1996. Grandpa Irv is severely missed and lives on every day within our products and passion. As time has moved forward so has the facilities - from remodels, to additions, to new facilities.  The same can be said for the 5 boys. All the boys have worked and helped shaped the business (not without some gray hair, of course) over the decades.

With the new asset purchase of the Ackley facility on December 1, 2018, we are looking forward to expanding products and customer service.  The same wonderful family of Greg and Jolene Heikens, as well as the great staff, will be staying on to provide the same exceptional sales and service you have come to know. We hope you have time to stop by, have a conversation, see the facility, try some of our specialty products and be part of our family tradition. We wish you a wonderful life and a full stomach.  

Family Traditions Meat Company - where you’re not just a customer or employee but family.


The Julin’s 

Family Traditions Meat Co.


405 Sherman Ave.

Ackley, Iowa 50601

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